Requesting a refund

Canceling a trip is not every time an easy decision to take, but we can help make this process much easier.

To refund your booking online, go to “My Trips” and log in using your booking details. Then, click on “Manage Booking” and choose the option “Cancel & Refund”. 

If your airfare qualifies for an online cancellation, you’ll be redirected to the Refund Overview Page. Carefully verify the breakdown of applicable penalties and the refundable amount.

In case you are redirected to submit an inquiry, please fill out the form. Your refund request will be reviewed by our specialists to determine refund eligibility and the amount. We will get back to you with the most accurate information via email. Also, Refund Overview will become available for you in the “My Trips” section. 

There, you will have the possibility to check all the details, give your consent to cancel your travel itinerary, and initiate the refund procedure.

Once we receive the authorization, we will start working on your request. You can check, anytime, the status of your refund on your booking page. A confirmation email will be sent when the refund is processed. 

For more information about Terms & Conditions, please read our dedicated article for Refunds.

May you encounter any issues upon requesting a change or a refund, please contact us.


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