Changes within 24 hours of booking

Changes to trip details, fare type, and name of the passengers within 24 hours of booking, which are allowed by the carrier’s Terms and Conditions, usually imply canceling the original booking and issuing the new reservation under the available fare costs and Terms & Conditions.

The ability to cancel or modify a booked flight is restricted and will depend on the airline’s fare rules and other terms and conditions. While some airlines may allow free cancellations within 24 hours after the ticket issuance, this possibility is limited for specific airfares and ticket types.

Costs and applicable fees

If you’ve purchased an additional “Standard” or “Plus” Bundle when making a booking, you may adjust your travel plans at no extra cost as long as the same specifications are used. Only a difference in fare may apply. However, The Service Bundle is non-refundable and will be consumed.
 If you have our Basic Bundle and request to cancel your booking within 24 hours, our cancellation fee of $50 per ticket will be applied.

Request a ticket exchange by calling: +1 888-898-8073

If your ticket is subject to the 24h free exchange policy and the same fare is available, you will be provided with a new option for your travel needs at no extra cost for the “standard” and “plus” bundles and as little as $50.00 for the basic bundle.

If 24 hours free cancellation is not allowed, our representatives will guide you through the regular exchange procedure by checking the exchange guidelines attached to your ticket.

  • If an exchange is permitted: Accept the new option and provide written authorization via email, get a confirmation email and receive a new ticket confirmation directly on your email account
  • If an exchange is not permitted: Get acquainted with other alternative options you may have, such as a credit for future use or refund possibility, and choose the most convenient option for your travel needs.

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