Booking confirmation

The booking confirmation is the email sent to you once your ticket is issued and payment is completed. A Booking Confirmation email will contain the E-ticket, invoice for the processed payment, passenger’s details, baggage allowance, itinerary details, a summary of charges, and the information of the added bundles.

If you have not received the confirmation yet, please follow the steps below:

  • Sign in or find your booking on our website to check the status.
  • Check your spam folder.
  • Make sure you provided a valid email address.
  • Contact us and the confirmation will be sent to your email once the booking is processed.

You should receive the booking confirmation within the first 30 minutes after booking if the payment is processed without any issues. On rare occasions with special fares, when the ticket is issued manually or the airline needs to confirm the booking offline, the confirmation is sent within 24 hours.


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